For each issue of Geografier we are looking for texts and visual interpretations on the theme. The theme for the fifth issue is Natural hazard//Natural disaster. This issue will be released in November 2017.  Feel free to be creative!

We are looking for text associated with both human and physical geography. The texts can be connected for example politics, art, geology, cartography, history, anthropology, etc. etc. Geografier is a platform where a master thesis or other academic project is re-written and published as an article or essay. Non-academic writers are also welcome to submit texts or contact ut. We love poetry, music and fiction as well!

We are also looking for photos, illustrations and images. These may be linked to a text but we will also give space where images can be independent, with own visual interpretations of the theme. If you are interested to illustrate the texts of others, contact the editing board.

Shorter reflection/review/chronicle

Word limit 1500
Format: Word or similar (e.g. Google Docs)
Refernce: Harvard
An essay means a reflecting text related to a current topic, connected to the theme of the issue. The essay is a deep dive that is both academic and pop-cultur.

Word limit 2000
Format: Word or similar (e.g. Google Docs)
Refernce: Harvard
An article in this context is a text based on a master thesis or similar academic project. You present results, conclusion and theory but focus on one particlar aspect of your research. We do not look for pure summaries of thesis's. If you have a more traditional idea for an article - don't hesitate to contact us! We are always open for new ideas!

Word limit: 400
Format: Word or similar (e.g. Google Docs)
A simpler form of reflection. We are looking for reviews on films, books, plays, tv-series. Geographic analysis and shorter tips.

Remember to always use your own material and make sure you are not using copy right protected material such as maps. You can write in Swedish or English!

Each submissions is included in the editorial selection process. If a submission is selected, someone from the editors will contact the writer and discuss possible changes. Editing is done in collaboration between writer and editor. After an edition has been completed the text is sent back to the author for final approval prior to publication.

Deadline for next submission will be late August 2017.

The magazine Geographies is done by volunteers. Writers and illustrators recieves a PDF-version of the magazine.